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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
HHO is conceptually sound, with the exception of the newer claim of defying the laws of thermodynamics.
HHO does not add enough energy to the system to overcome the cost of production onboard the vehicle itself...
I'm willing to give Rusty the benefit of the doubt that he was able to make some gains and used the alternator as a power source for his experiments for purposes of this discussion, but there are other issues (like it being -16F outside, and other changes to the system that might not have been isolated or given weight, plus operation parameters) that I'm not sure make it practical even if there is some gain to be had.

I agree that if you can avoid squishing some of your combustion (and still get the same work out of your fuel) that there is more potential extraction there instead of just heat transfer. Changes in rate of combustion in an ICE have been known since the advent of vacuum advance distributors.
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