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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Charles, the rate of change this time around is much quicker than in the past.
Is this a fact or a belief? What is your definition of "the past"? Show us some climate statistics from more than a century ago. Of course you can't - because statistics weren't kept then.

The human species has never endured this sort of climate change...
This is your propagandistic belief. It is not a provable fact. How do you know what the weather was like over a century ago? You don't. No one does.

...and all of those changes in the past were natural causes, that no one could have controlled. The results of those changes was drastic!
"Drastic"! Never let a trumped up crisis go to waste. That's an expedient political ploy.
Since we are causing it this time...
That's ideological propaganda, not science. Some scientists are paid through government subsidies to advance this ideological position. The purported cause is an unprovable theory based upon a convenient and politically useful assumption, not scientific fact. It plays upon the guilt feelings of those who can be made to feel guilty that they are "causing it".

...then we should stop what we are doing to cause it. We do not want to subject ourselves - and the rest of life on earth to this kind of change.
You don't, Neil. But your relentless stream of propaganda hasn't convinced us that climate variation is caused by human activity.