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Originally Posted by CFECO View Post
Neil, How do we just "Stop" what we are doing, turn off the all the Power Plants and stop driving ICE powered vehicles, and throwing Tax dollars at Every pet project that "They" say is the "Solution"?
Gee, it looks like the guilt mongering strategy isn't working too well.
America went from beginning powered flight to the Moon in less than 100 years, it didn't happen overnight. We've been working on efficient vehicles for 40ish, while cleaning up our Cities Air quality immensely, and tripling our MPG while making cars safer. What was the result of those past changes, destruction of life on If it has been hotter before from Natural causes, what would man do if it became hotter again by Natural causes, scream and yell and steal everyones money, to give to pie-in-the sky projects? I am ALL for conserving Energy, producing Cleaner energy, and helping people live better lives, but there is only so much money to go much of mine do you think the Government has a right to, so it can waste it, 30%, 50%, 75%? Also, I'd like someone who is ALL for the Government talking more of our money, PLEASE name ONE thing the Government does "Efficiently" with our money?
Money is the mother's milk of politics. For that purpose politicians use it efficiently and effectively to increase their power over us all.