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Originally Posted by Giovanni LiCalsi View Post
Warming of our planet has negative benefits that should alarm everyone!
Once the tundra melts, vast quantities of methane will fill the atmosphere and create such high temperatures that it will cause the polar caps to completely melt. This will raise the ocean levels to over 30 meters. This will displace over 25% of the world population and create a financial collapse and mass starvation.
Methane alert! Don't strike any matches!

Alarm! Alarm! Aren't you feeling guilty yet?

(This is what we hear when unfounded predictions are touted as scientific fact.)

Come to think of it, methane may save the planet! We can harness it and heat our homes and run our cars with it. It's a natural gas - stinky but useful.

Forget co2. I'm waiting for the day when the government puts a meter on my butt to fine me for polluting the environment every time I fart...