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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Or seven or eight-seaters. People always talk about off-roading, transporting dogs, and hauling boats, even if they never do.
It's the image that they want.
If they appear to be an active, adventurous person, then they stand a better chance of scoring with the opposite sex and impressing their friends.

I worked with a guy that bought a ski rack for his car when he live up north where all the rest of you guys are.

He didn't know how to ski and didn't even own any skis.

So back to the original topic, how would the side windows work on the rear of the car ? I suppose they could be made to slide downward into a slot in the body.
Nah ! Actually, they would just have to be rolled down to the height when the roof now meets their top. The shape of the window would leave a gap between the roof and the window. I guess a flexible membrane could be used here.

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