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Originally Posted by star_deceiver View Post
Tried... Some of us tall *******s don't fit in them little sports cars... or big sports cars for that matter
Mind you... I won't fit in any make/model/size pickup with a sunroof either...

Different people spend (or don't spend) their money on what they want... and in all fairness, I'd take my KLR to the craft fair and have someone else cart home their "eclectic purchase..."
You can spend your money however you want, after all, it is your money.

I think the point was, how many trucks and SUVs are owned by people that don't need them for what they are able to do? Sure, a Suburban has lots of room, but if you don't need a full size SUV/truck to pull your boat or camper, why spend the money on it? A minivan will hold a lot too, get better gas mileage and probably cost less to purchase. But, it's all about how a person wants to spend their money. I can tell you for a fact that people in my area often buy 4x4 pick ups to commute. They don't own boats, campers, or trailers. They "need" trucks because they own houses and claim to be buying sheets of plywood (How often do homeowners need plywood??). Or they "need" a truck to haul their one or two kids around. They "need" four wheel drive because it snows in their area, but don't realize a front wheel drive car with good tires is almost just as good in the snow as a four wheel drive (At least in most of the US). After all, the four wheel drive is only good for accelerating. It does nothing for stopping.

I used to be someone who "needed" a truck. I regret owning three different trucks and an SUV. I wish I had bought an economical car way back when and paid it off. Those $300-500 payments I have lived with for the past 14 years would have made for really nice IRA contributions.

I am not picking on you since you own a truck, I am just throwing my thoughts .
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