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Oh dear. Your description reads very unhappily. Well for your sake I hope you regain some faith in humanity eventually, and aren't burned by it. As for complicated, that isn't the word I would have used. I tend to think unhappy people are a lot less complicated than happy people, but I won't debate you on it, it wouldn't be fun for either of us and has no functional effect on your state in any case.

The government won't permit Plexiglas windows in your ride, but who's going to tell them? Do you have annual inspections in your area? If not, replace what you can and move on.

Since you say you don't spend much time with people due to many/repeated bad experiences, pull the rear seat for further weight reduction. You won't be using it. You might put a bit of the weight back in the form of an installed flat cargo floor, complete with covered/locking storage below where the seat cushion used to be.

I don't see much point to moving the starter battery from where it is. From a handling aspect it could be brilliant, from a safety standpoint I think it's no improvement. You might shield the battery from the effects of a crash but radically increase the likelihood of a catastrophic short by introducing about 500% more cable length that didn't used to exist.

I doubt if adding a fan of any kind to the intake will have any measurable effect. A 120mm fan might deliver as much as 100 cfm, but that's against NO resistance, and your intake has quite a bit. The fan will not contribute in a meaningful way, and actually work against you when the engine's speed has it taking in enough air to overspeed the fan. Against a typical 120mm fan, that happens around 2000 rpm on your engine - about 80cfm intake volume. That doesn't leave much output overhead to help with your intake; parasitic losses generated by powering the fan leave you back where you started. Might as well not bother.

For economy you would look at a warm air intake, for power you would look at cold air. And for a Camry Wagon with the four cylinder, you might want to set your power aspirations aside. That's no hot shoe you're driving, so wear your humble hoopy with pride.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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