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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
I sleep on my side and 20 years ago I was in constant pain. Chiropractors were useless. I even tried home made rigs to pull my head upward to relieve the pressure. Symptoms included numbness in my left arm, terrible back pain between the shoulder blades, parkinsons type tremors due to pinched nerves. I told my wife that if this was all there was left I was ready to die and I meant it.

I feel better today than I did at age 40 before it got really bad. My solutions were therapudic and required no surgery or medication, so in my opinion they are the ONLY REAL solutions. I used to eat aspirin heavily, now I take no aspirin. The only exception is an advil (half the recommended dosage). with a 25 MG sleep additive before I got to bed at night after a very hot shower.

Several years ago I experienced the same thing. My left hand was going numb while I was sleeping at night and it was awaking me. Fortunately I have an excellent medical plan. My doctor did an EKG. Negative. Then a cardio stress test. Passed it. Then a cardiac sonogram. Negative. Then a MRI (a very expensive test). After twenty minutes of being on the MRI platform my left side was so stiff I could hardly get off the table. The MRI was negative. Then I went to a neurologist. All tests, including the one for carpel tunnel came back negative. The neurologist told me my options were physical therapy, or pain patches and pills, or surgery. I said "I'll take the physical therapy."

I had had back problems all my adult life since I was in my 20's. When this occurred I was already doing 20 minutes of back exercises every morning. The neurologist told me to focus on my neck and gave me a few exercises to do. After two weeks with a follow-up appointment I noticed improvement.

As it turned out my entire left arm and my neck were the problem. Instead of actually going to visit a therapist, I did my own research on the web and found the necessary corrective exercises to do. I now do 30 minutes every morning, including situps, pushups, chinups and pullups. The only piece of equipment I use is a chinup bar and a weight (sledge hammer) to strengthen my arm. All the other exercises utilize my own body weight. I now have no pain at all. I have been shoveling and lifting heavy snow almost every day now for several hours per day, with no aches or pains.

My advice may not be welcome, but the problem is not with the seat. If you are in pain it's a deficiency in your physical fitness that can be overcome with the right corrective exercises. As we grow older doing daily exercise becomes essential for most people.

As for car seats, I have a lumbar support cushion that is basically a cushion that has a hard backing. You simply strap it into place on the seat back. There is no need to replace your car seats. Even the cheapest car seat can be improved by bolstering the back with an add on support, and you can also add a cushion for your butt if you want it comfy.
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