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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Ideally I would like an aluminum frame trailer but think that might push costs up a bunch. The composite panels were already the plan but I would like to use prebuilt ones meaning they would be flat. There is a supplier out side of Olympia, WA that does aluminum clad 4'x8'x2" for under $200 each. If I homebuild the panels in place I could do gradual curves but I have not actually tried to build my own. I want to keep the weight under 2500# loaded, preferably under 2000#.

Shouldn't a single axle be better in this application?
You can easily form the aluminum panels and the high-density polyethylene foam boards can be steamed to form into a curved shape. This is much stronger than polyurethane foam board. The foam boards are made in China and are inexpensive. The foam board surfaces can be heated with a radiant gas heater until tacky and then the 3-M adhesive can be applied to bond the aluminum sheets. You will not need much if any framing on the interior because the Inrekor panels act as a monocoque body. This type of construction has been proven on British caravans.

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