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Did you get that thing?
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Well, as far as I can see you are correct. Its tough to tell because of the wording they are using but from my understanding, and from how it looks in your picture, you are doing it the way I would do it.

Its fuzzy to me because usually plugs aren't numbered in that way. They don't normally start at the bottom row and then go to the top of the row to finish the sequence, but in this case, I'm assuming the first 2 pins are the larger gauge wires and thats just how they did it. Double check the clip with a bright flashlight. Usually the clips are marked with a "1" on the first pin and somethimes they will mark the first number of the second row and/or the last pin in the plug. These marking are TINY and you REALLY have to look for them sometimes. I only say all this because I'm very cautious about doing things like this without being 100% positive that they are the right wires, and not just assuming because the right color wires are in the spots that make the most sense.. done that before and blew up a BCM.. not a cheap fix! So I like to verify with my own 2 eyes instead of just trusting someone elses judgement.

When they say board side, I'm assuming they mean circuit board side of the light module (the box in the picture). When they say "leg 10", I have to assume they mean the wire coming out of pin 10. I'm also assuming that pin 2 is just a ground, and thats just an easier way to ground the board side of 11. "Outgoing" is a pretty poor choice of words if I understand what they mean correctly, just hook the remaining unused sides of 10 and 11 together. From the picture its tough to tell but it looks like the red/blk is pin 11 and the red/wht is pin 10.. just be sure you are using the last 2 pins on the bottom row when you do this, and like I said, try in any way possible, to verify right on the plug that those are the right pins. Good Luck!
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