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Vacuum Gauge - Benefits?, Practicality?, Advice?

Newbie here,

I've read a lot of threads on this forum about using vacuum gauges to help monitor your driving habits, and work towards improving mpg's in the long run. While reading these articles I've heard mixed reviews about it, also people seem to be interchanging the terms "vacuum" gauge and "boost" gauge. So I have but a few questions to help me paint a better picture of what my next step is.

1. I own a '14 ford fiesta S Sedan, and want to install a vacuum gauge to help monitor the way i drive. do you see any practicality in that?

2. Because my car does not have a turbo, I would install a plain-jane vacuum gauge and not a boost gauge, correct? or are they essentially the same thing.

3. Do any of you have any recomendations as far as manufactorers and installation?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks again guys!

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