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LOl, I'm 63. Thanks for your service. My still living Pop was a B17 pilot in Europe with the 8th Army Air Forces (1943-44). He will be 93 May 8th and he drives a pearl white Cadillac Eldorado I flew to Florida and bought for him. He gets close to 30 MPG highway in his Caddy.

I think my Fiesta is one of the best cars I have ever owned. It's a hatch, think it has the same engine, at least same displacement. I use the factory instrumentation and have averaged 45 MPG for 21k miles. I purchased mine for $10k with 3770 miles from a good friends body shop who purchased it at a salvage auction and repaired it.

My overall average speed is right under 40 MPH so you know I am not driving real slow, just not the normal 10-20 over like most of the drivers in the Tidewater Va area.

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