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You're a regular haell-raisin' virginia speed-demon...

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
My overall average speed is right under 40 MPH so you know I am not driving real slow,...
Gotta watch out for them 'ginia boys--might be using that thang...just kiddin ya

But seriously, your Dad is a real hero, and you are lucky to be alive--B17 crews didn't have good odds on returning from missions back then.

OT: Them newer cars got all that OBD and electrical ports and stuff to monitor, and that's all good, but i still use and like my intake manifold pressure gauge (aka vacuum gauge). You can get a big 3 or 4 inch gauge at autoparts shop and amaze all your friends with an analog needle gauge mounted in a prominent position. Or you can go digitical and even use wifi to send data to your phone app and display an analog gage there. Life is all about making choices...
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