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Originally Posted by AaronMartinSole View Post
Yeah I mean that's what we need with all of these new technologies and claims: pure and simple testing. Nothing complicated. I would just do dry and wet compression tests before and after using XADO and do another one a week later, a month later, and so on. A lot of the claims with these weird products are extraordinary and strange, but I will not dismiss them as crazy or accept them without testing.

A part of me thinks that it's just a brilliant marketing play, that it's not much better or different than the many other similar products you see at the auto parts store. The other part of me says maybe it is a revolutionary technology, and that we'll be seeing a million mile original engines.

I wonder what the other guys with similar products would say about these new nano-technology additives. Wish there were some really good independent testing, but even those can be manipulated. I'll believe when I see a guy with a million mile engine with an inspection.

I was -this- close to buying it and trying it, doing compression testing and things like that. The Restore cans guarantee increased compression or your money back. So I figured why not try the cheap stuff and test that. I am intrigued though.
I used it in our truck it has 340000 milea on it and it runs like it just rolled off the lot brand new. I know everybody will have different experiences with different oils and addatives. I gave my brother a AT syringe to use and it improved his shifting and he says it doesnt hesitate anymore(hold the gear and wont shift).
Our truck seems to have more pulling power up the 4 mile
grade to the mountains where before it wouldnt even want to think about passing someone up hill.
Very impressed with the products.
Used the power steering/hydrolic fluid syringe went from needing to have to turn it to it wanting to pull in the turn.
I can now turn the steering wheel slightly and its going around the turn.
Great products. Need more info on it email me at laujodistribution@
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