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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
Yeah, exercise doesnt fix all back pain. Pills dont fix it either, its just a bandaid to deal with something that cant or wont be fixed. I met a lot of people in rehab who were in wheelchairs as a result of failed back surgery.

Dont let XYZ phase you, if your pills dont work tell your doctor and ask for something else. Try to describe as best you can what you do and do not like and what you want. If you got pain and its getting worse tell the doc. Ive gone as far as called my credit card company to dispute a few copays and takened drugs back to the drug store for a refund or store credit that do not work.
Do you know why MD's prescribe so many drugs?

Doctors read the patient. If the patient wants pills, the doctor will provide the patient with a prescription. Most patients feel they didn't get their money's worth from the visit to the doctor if they didn't go home with a prescription in their hand.

The doctor gives the patient what he wants, because if the patient doesn't want to make an effort to help himself, neither will the doctor. Both the patient and the doctor take the path of least resistance. All doctors can recognize whether a patient wants a cure or merely a quick fix.

In America today, most people want a quick fix. That's the basis of why we have a drug culture. Drugs are supposed to fix everything. Some drugs can fix what is wrong, but only temporarily. Sometimes drugs are not the answer.

I paid my money, now gimme my fix.
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