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Originally Posted by yoyoyoda View Post

Maybe.. but. When I'm in pain typically a quick fix is the first thing on my mind.

Ever had to pass a gallstone?
Ever had to care for a suicidal kid?
Rhetorical questions?

I don't have gallstones, but I have experienced a toothache, so I do know how intense pain can be.

When people use illicit drugs they are generally giving up on society, not on their lives but on society in general at failing to cater to their needs in whatever way is needed. People commit suicide in this culture, there is fatal flaws all throughout our western society. Just watch a season of the tv show "Intervention". They are normal human beings with real world problems.
Suicide is not a medical problem per se (although obviously the end result is fatal if it is carried out). Neither is drug abuse a medical problem. Those are the end result of having severe psychological problems. Everyone has psychological problems, but most "normal" people have adequate coping skills. Interestingly, not everyone is capable of committing suicide. Of those that attempt suicide or actually do it, there is a profile of factors that they fit into.

Most people don't want to kill themselves. Most people don't become drug addicts. It's not an epidemic and society is not to blame for those things.

This thread is about relieving physical pain. Tangentially that includes the use of licit pain meds and possible dependency on them.
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