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Originally Posted by yoyoyoda View Post
Please re-read my post.

The idea is to remove the thermostat and block off the airflow to the radiator until such times as you need to vent that heat.

So I simply set the arduino to open up a vent at a specific temperature, until that temperature is reached the radiator remains blocked off, once the temp is reached the gap opens up.

In effect replacing the water thermostat with an air thermostat using vanes controlled by solenoids.

This would actually create a very quick rise in temperature as there is no airflow being forced through the radiator when the vanes are closed. So you can, with this system, drive off and very quickly get a warm engine, then once its reached operating temp the air inlet vane opens up a bit to keep things under control.

Then when things get out of control at lights, the vanes open up completely and the fans kick in, as expected.

The only problem with this is that there needs to be clearance with the road, or at least rollers on the vane at 4 points so it doesn't get damaged going up slight inclines or into driveways.
Simple design really.

Shutters controlled via a RC servo.

I will use my Honda's for example as I know the temp ranges they like.

On cold start, shutters stay closed until 180 ECT (engine coolant temp) is reached. Once that is reached the shutters would be controlled by vehicle speed and ECT.

Below 30-35 mph the shutter would by default be wide open IF ECT is above 180. This would allow airflow to help cool the engine bay, esp. in stop and go traffic or coming up to a red light. Once vehicle is back above the speed preset, the shutters are back under temp control.

Also, for obvious reasons, if any fault in the wiring, by default the shutters would be wide open.

Likely when I get around to do this I will use a rheostat to control the opening manually while watching water temp gauge.

I have monitored 10 degree increase in water temp either by safely drafting or just if I'm driving towards the sun or away due to sunlight reflected off road surface.

When I get the hang around here I will make a thread or two on my old HB. What many will find out is what is now common, I was doing 10-12 years ago. I just don't have the electronics knowledge to build all the controls I desire. I'm lucky to have a geek to help with all that. He is the one that helped witht he ECU tuning which really help engine performance and MPG.
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