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That was very thoughtful you guys.

I'm almost done with the schematic for the board now. The routing might take a couple days. The nice thing is, I've had each sub-schematic made before, so I know it will work. Well, I've never tested the higher amp modification to the opto/driver, but it's right from the datasheets, with the parts they recommend, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

I still haven't worked out the cost of parts yet. I was wanting to assemble at least 1 of them. I don't mind doing all 3, but if anyone wants to try it themselves, they sure could. I will need to do some testing on a completed one to look at waveforms and timing, etc...

EDIT: Ya, that could work. I should have a good idea for parts by then, and maybe I could get stuff to you to take with you if you wanted to assemble it yourself. There is some precision drilling necessary.

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