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The code isn't set in stone yet. It's not monitoring voltage on this board, so low voltage cutback wouldn't be an option. It should be good from 0v to 400v at bursts over 1000amp I'm hoping (which would make low voltage cutback a bit complex. Like what batteries are being used, programming nominal voltage, How long should it be allowed to sag down, etc.... If you all really want voltage monitoring, I could include it. I was just trying to keep things simple (and cheaper) at the moment. I could easily spend 6 months on features.

What I had in mind was a basic board that just ran the igbts to get the details of that worked out. Programming max motor amps and current ramp rate wouldn't be a big deal. It also has a relay for controlling the precharge relay coil, and a relay for controlling the main contactor coil (each coil can be up to 10 amps). I was just going to include a basic serial port like before, and send a stream of data. If it conforms to the RTD stream, it could use that.
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