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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
Good one. I had to do that to the city of RIchmond, VA. Ironically after getting a copy in hand they took my word for it.

I had a failed subscription to 4wheeldrive like that too. I didnt get my magazine, so I canceled my check as it never cleared. Then they sent 2 issues, then several nasty letters from a bill collector. I hadnt given them my ssn so it couldnt effect my credit, but it was rather upsetting to get those when they seem to of lost my check to begin with. I ended up doing a BBB compliant to get it resolved and they ended up giving me a year subscription.
I accidentally mailed a check for, a loan payment to First American Bank, to the State of Virginia. Stuck the check in the wrong envelope.
Danged if they didn't cash it.


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