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Originally Posted by digital rules View Post
Congrats on the Prius purchase!! Hopefully you didn't take too much of a hit when selling the SS. You will certainly save a lot on gas with this wonder of technology!!

Do you find that you are more relaxed when you arrive at your destination since switching to the Prius from the beast?
I didn't take too much of a hit trading. I had quite a bit of custom parts on the car. (exhaust, body kit, etc) so i took the parts off before trading and sold most of the parts. Have a couple things left to sell. I did pretty good considering using it as a trade vs selling it private party. Besides i didn't have to wait around for the right buyer which could of taken quite a bit of time.

The only thing i miss about the Camaro was the rush of HP but HP isn't everything and i hated filling the tank with premium fuel. Yes i'm much more relaxed driving the Prius C. It's nice to drive and get 50+ mpg and fill the tank every 11-14 days for less than 1/2 of what it used to cost me in the Camaro.

I would ride my bike to work to save on fuel because it was better than my Camaro or my S-10 P/U but the Prius C is way more fuel efficient than the bike if you can believe that. Riding a bike to work every day gets old LOL! Especially if the forecast calls for rain or partial showers.
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