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Welcome to the forum. If I was in the market for a new car the C would be my choice. In the few instances where my wife and I have traded in a car, we first went to Car Max and got a cash offer on her trade. The we went to the dealership and negotiated for our best price. On her Rogue with 32k miles and still under warranty we got $14.3k trade in. Car Max had offered us 14. We bought the car for $19.1k brand new off the lot in January of 09 when times were looking bad and the dealership was willing to negotiate a deal that was close to $4500 off sticker.
We wrote a check for the car, and it worked out to less than a lease for the 3 years she owned it.
She even had an accident and the Rogue had $3k in repairs but no damage that deterred the trade in offers.
If we weren't happy with the deal we walked away and let them sweat the sale for awhile.

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