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Originally Posted by chrisgerman1983 View Post
Ok here is the big guy, 350v. So how should I wire the battery into the cap? is it just as simple as running + & - or does the cap run in line to the flash.
Okay, now you've got a bit of engineering to do.

You need a ~340 volt supply. Do not exceed 350 volts, or you'll fry the cap! Apply it to the cap. That's about it. Note that if you use a commercial power supply, it may also have big caps hanging on it, and combined with the one in the flash, may supply enough energy to fry the flash tube.

If your 340 V supply is "stiff," (low output impedance) it might be good to limit inrush current to the cap with a small resistor. I can't tell you what to use without knowing more about the HV supply.

Basically, the rest of the electronics is an inverter to get the 6 V from the batteries up to 340 volts, plus a trigger transformer that gives a very brief pulse of some 10,000 volts to cause the cap to discharge into the tube.

Be careful. There may be enough energy in that cap to cause all your friends and relatives to gather in your honour.
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