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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Look at the top of the page where it says "Garage & Tools." While you're signed in, clicking on Garage will drop down, among other things, an "Add a New Vehicle" option. Click that and you can enter info about your car and start keeping track of its fuel economy. Keeping records is everything in this game; if you don't know how you did, you can't judge how you're doing.

Yeah, you have the bigger engine in your Accord. That hamstrings you a little, but it can do better, I'm sure of it.

With the older ECU, I think your only option will be the MPGuino, and I am completely unfamiliar with it. I got nothing. But look around on this forum, several guys here have one or more and will be able to tell you a lot, I'm sure of that much.

Ahhh I found it a little bit ago. Added my information. Thank you.

I'm currently dancing around the thought of new o2's and a new egr. But... it's all so confusing on what does what and when it needs what and so on and so forth haha.
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