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Maybe a really aerodynamic helmet would help?

This Week in CFD | Another Fine Mesh

The S-Works+McLaren TT | RKP

Derby Tech - January/February, 1990
by Bruce Finwall
On January 2 and 3, 1990 some interesting observations were made during tests of soap box derby racers in the Texas A&M University subsonic, closed-circuit wind tunnel. Six of the top cars in the country (3 seniors and 3 juniors) were involved in a total of 48 separate tests. The following is a summary of what was found.

Cody Robertson’s ‘88 racer had the least drag of all junior cars tested.
I like the stability of this design below.

SUNDAY, APRIL 02, 2006
Extreme Gravity Car!

Conceptually, not much has changed since the first event was staged in 1934: Build a small, simple race car according to tightly constrained rules, and coast down a racetrack powered by nothing more complicated than gravity. However, a lot has changed in the design of the cars, as evidenced by Volvo's "Aria", the car that won the latest extreme gravity car race!

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