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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
OP wanted easy fab.
This looks pretty easy (see below). • View topic - Aerodynamics

It would help to know if the original poster already has a Velomobile trike frame already fabricated up.

If not then the yellow recumbent above may be an option.

I found the comments below from the same page as the yellow one to be quite interesting. • View topic - Aerodynamics
A body on a trike is good because you are not pushed around by side winds so much. IMO, Velomobiles are too low for in city commuting. A trike commuter with a taller stance (eyes at least at same height as the drivers of cars) would work well, but then you start getting more looks from the local authorities...

I'm just sticking with the non-faired recumbent for now as that what seems like the best solution (for me!).

K-Vette may find this little project of mine (see below) interesting, it's 1/2 of what he first proposed. You can skip putting all the holes in it.

Fireplace acoustic absorber for enhancement of the center stage

I've considered building a small one person fishing pontoon boat using the same form and techniques (+ covered in fiberglass cloth & resin). I might build a scale test model this summer to test the waters.

NOTE: Fan-Fold insulation is much thinner and lighter than what I used above (as used on my hovercraft). However even in the thickness shown above, scoring of the insulation was not necessary to bend or arc it. In addition, be weary of the weight of glues and fasteners.
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