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Oil change recommendations?

I am planning on a getting my oil changed tonight. I normally go to a Valvoline Instant Oil Change place. My 2000 Honda Civic VP has just over 140000 miles. I have gotten my oil changed about every 3000 miles using conventional oil. But I see so many recommends here for synthetic oil, that I am thinking of giving that a shot. VOIC always recommends Max Life oil since my car has over 75000 miles. I see that Valvoline also makes a Max Life full synthetic oil. Any value to using Max Life over non-Max Life oil?
When I looked up in the owners manual of my car today, I was kind of surprised to see they recommend getting the oil changed every 7500 miles. So I guess following VOICs recommends, I have maybe been going overkill on the oil changes, and making them a little bit richer in the process.

So what I am thinking is going for either Synthetic or Max Life Synthetic, and reducing my oil changes to every 7500 miles. Of course using the 5W30 recommended for my car.

I have been told the engine in my car can last to 500,000 miles. So I try to take care of it. My last Honda (a 1990 Honda Accord) lasted to 235,000 when the valves fried. And I think that was related to it's burning oil that started when the water pump failed a couple years oil. I am still pissed off at the service that DIDN'T replace the water pump when they replaced the timing belt! *&#*!!!!!

Any comments, concerns, or recommendations on my oil change?


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