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Best tank ever!

I have the mpguino calibrated, but have not got around to testing yet because the mpguino only goes to 2 decimal places. The amount of gas used during idling is very small, so it's hard to find a stretch of road long enough for me to see the differnces between p&g vs throttle blip. I'll continue searching.

More updates:
I recently filled up and got 27.69mpg using my throttle blip technique! BEST TANK EVER!

My previous best tank (using eoc and all aero mods installed) is 27.56mpg!

My previous 3 tanks using p&g only I achieved 25.1-25.4 mpg.

Serialkiller ,
Yes, I agree, older cars with older ecus may not have the throttle fuel cutoff in their fuel maps. However this may simply be that not everyone has a good enough obd2 scanner to test my theory.

But if anybody out there wants to test my theory, I would help us figure out what cars work and what cars don't work

I'm thinking this technique works best when doing p&g at highway speeds as the distance travelled during the 0.00gph is greater at higher speeds, thus out weighing the fuel used to initiate the blip, thus bumping up the mpg averages. I noticed even the sgii stops displaying 0.00gph at below 30mph.

So at least the proves that I'm not WASTING gas by throttle blipping.

See the rest of the Sti project log:
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