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When putting money into something, it's investing. I've grown up my entire life being taught this. One has X amount of money, and money going out is usually an investment, if there is any return or tangible gain(Google and I share this view: I don't consider food an investment, because I need it- it is not something extra, or above the bare minimum.

If I rent a house, it is just money being spent. If I am buying a house, it is an investment. If I don't have a car, and I buy one, it is an investment. If I have a commuter car, and buy a sports car, I wouldn't call it an investment naturally, but it's an asset. It may not be an appreciating investment, but putting money going somewhere and getting something back is investing, in my opinion (and most). For me, I had a (better not say sports car) front engine rear wheel drive performance oriented vehicle, and bought an Insight to preserve miles. When the entire cost for every factor (oil, gas, tires, insurance, loan, interest) is put into the Mustang, it's about $1 per mile. Buying a 3k car that turns out to be $.10/mile, and actually became free after the deer accident, it was FREE 5k miles. That time and energy turned out to be free 5k of miles, which could be thought of as $5k off the Mustang.

Investments have risk. I think there is a VERY slim chance a car will appreciate, but when one makes 13k per year, saving up to buy a running car for $500 to expand ones job range is an investment, or moving to a place with $250 cheaper rent, is a good investment. Being a multimillionaire, and purchasing a Bugatti Veyron- I am not arguing if it is a WISE investment, I am making the point that turning money into something tangible is an investment (regardless of turning a gain or loss, or being smart or not).

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