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Best investments for me.

Ammunition, bought for 8 cents a round, sold for 24 cents a round X a few thousand rounds, 3 years later.

House, built for $160k, sold for $335k, no tax on the gain, 16 months labor.

Cars, bought for 25% of retail value. Fixed for another 25%, driven tens of thousands of miles, sold for a profit, sometimes enough to cover all operational costs.

Motorcycles, in some cases sold for more than the total cost of operation including gas insurance, taxes and all other costs.

In todays economy with so few investment opportunities, it's best to "invest" in debt elimination.

Next best "investment" is home improvements but only those that offer useful purpose and a real return on your cash and labor. I made $100 an hour tax free building two houses.

I paid $10k for my Fiesta, or you could consider I traded 100 hours of my labor which was tax free building my first house, less than one months work.

A friend, since passed once chided me for having money in 5% insured CDs when he was making bunches in the stock market. That was 2008. He lost over $300k, I made 12K a year until the CDs matured and they would not renew them.

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