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Is that the subject of a forum thread [I'm too lazy to look for]? Not a bad effort, I suppose, but I'd go to a subframe instead of a full roll cage and move the motorcycle frame-head back about 6". The extra wheelbase couldn't hurt.

It looks like he pie-cut the body behind the doors. I'd pie-cut a Beetle body parallel to the door hinge-line; but the Honda might work better cut parallel to the edges of the windshield. The only thing is the doors might fall open and have to be pulled uphill to close, if you get too radical.

NachtRitter -- A mid-front turbodiesel would be an edge case. The most common use might be a VW boxer on a Subaru 2WD five-speed in the rear. Not everything I say is on-topic—well, y'alls topic anyway.

Xist --

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