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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I'm 193cm tall - but I don't have to fit in both seats. The front seat of the Elio is quite spacious - I think a 203cm/6'-8" person would be fine, and the back seat is smaller. The fact remains, it is a 2 seat car.
Okay Neil,

You're correct, there are indeed two surfaces that will accept the posterior of many a humanoid form. Both of us, should the need arise, could potentially even cram our asses into the rear seat of the Elio. But, I hasten to add, the trip would be far from the comfort we might expect and find in most any other road worthy member of the generalized fleet of cars currently registered on any public roadway.

All seating concerns aside, my point still stands. While I'd love to see 100 million Elio-like vehicles on the road tomorrow I find it extremely unlikely given the current cultural climate in the US. I daily experience the ire of total strangers who have pegged me as some sort of anti-'Merican activist because I drive an efficient Japanese hybrid. Fortunately for me, being a card carrying member of the geek squad and in full possession of a life time of therapy for OCD, I now have very thick skin. I do what I do because it is the closest to the right thing as I can get. But I'm under no delusions, like it or not, this sub-population is necessarily small and select.

I don't see Elio doing anything differently. They are following the pattern set before them by the likes of, E & X Tracer, Twike/s-LEV, and Aptera. If they produce 15,000 units I'll be cheering them on, but that is just a very small drop in a very large bucket.
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