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Originally Posted by Smokeduv View Post
I had a strange problem one day where the motor was acting strangely, it was working with 2 cyl, very roughly, etc. but the thing is that then it took out ALL the assistance, so no ABS, no ESP, no traction control, no hill-holder, no power steering, no power brakes. The direct steering felt somewhat good, but heavy in the city, but you can feel everything on the road, so, no problem there. The brakes were a very different story because this car is very sensitive and the brakes are very good, but without assistance you have to press with all your strength and, even then, the car doesn't stops as you would want, so, very VERY dangerous, especially for someone with no physical condition.
It's kinda odd that power-assisted brakes get actually harder than a non-assisted setup during a failure.
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