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Originally Posted by BrandonMods View Post
I would have to agree with most of you when speaking about the chevy cruze. No I do not have the cruze diesel unfortunately . But I was most frustrated by the window sticker claiming I would get 42 mpg highway and that I do but only when the highway is flat seamless road. I fight to get above 42 mpg on my 26 mile commute to and from work..
My cobalt which is just a old generic looking cruze has an average of about 47mpg over the lifetime of ownership. It gets the best fuel economy at steady speeds well below the 65mph limit.

My guess is that you live in a cold state, you have an automatic and you must not have the best hypermiling ability.

Unless of coarse you have a mix of in town and highway, then getting 42mpg is actually impressive, since any city is going to drop you real fast due to the low rating in the city.

Now if you had a manual transmission, I would say there is something wrong.

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