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Originally Posted by Sjoegerd View Post
I used the coasting in neutral towards roundabouts, motorway exits and traffic lights, easy on the throttle and anticipation. In my opinion it is possible to achieve the 20 km/l mark and that will be my goal
You'll get there far too soon

As you get better at estimating your coasting distance, your fuel use will drop.

Don't stay in 1st or 2nd gear in a traffic jam - it uses too much fuel.
Try to avoid 1st at all, unless for starting from a stop, and use 2nd and coasting.

Once the engine is thoroughly warm, you can use some really high gear when the engine doesn't have to work hard.

I'm doing 30km/h in 4th , 45-50 in 5th with a 1L engine .
Works well as long as it's flat, shouldn't be much of a problem in the Netherlands. I Don't accelerate in these gears though - the li'l car will pull it off, but I can hear and feel it doesn't like it much.

In city driving, my fuel consumption drops or stays the same now - before joining ecomodder, it always skyrocketed during city driving.
Pulsing briefly and then coasting is extremely effective in city driving.
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