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Best place for a replacement Civic alternator?

I have been trying to price the least expensive voltage regulator. Autozone had one for $170, but places like Majestic offered OEM ones for less, but I needed some other parts, and was trying to figure out everything that I needed, and the least expensive way of replacing all of them, as I went into finals. Then I drove to my parents' house.

I took a young lady to dinner and afterwards, since this is a small town, and she said there were not any more movie showings, I took her for a drive, and was pulled over in an even smaller town. The Officer said that I was going "slightly" over the speed limit and my tail lights were flickering just barely noticeably. I told my date that I was waiting until after finals to replace the voltage regulator, which is apparently part of the alternator. She said that a new alternator would probably be cheaper.

Majestic and other places charge $700 for an alternator!

Autozone and O'Reilly have alternators for $103!

They are remanufactured, while I can purchase used ones back in the valley for $35-50.

Should I just get one from O'Reilly?

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