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Strange. This is almost a direct quote from, but I started a new thread because I did not receive any response.

Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
It's hard to justify $700 for OEM for an alternator. Even if you need to replace it 3 more times compared to the OEM, the box store brand is still better value. I've had a replacement alternator and distributor from a parts store for years and have not had any issues.
This is not the engine or the transmission. I cannot imagine paying that amount! I put an AutoZone alternator in my Accord and then an elk headbutted the car.

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Have you checked local salvage yards?
That is what I meant by used for $35-50.

What are the chances of them being OEM, though?

Originally Posted by hamsterpower View Post
I can not emphisize this enough. When you buy a rebuilt alternator, have them test it in the store before you leave!!!!

Twice, I replaced a Civic alternator only to have the replacement fail within a week. My last one was OEM. They may joke about it being factory tested. I don't care. Test it again before you leave the store.
Good point! Thank you very much!

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
If you plan on keeping the car for along time consider the lifetime warranty option. At least you won't have to buy another one.
It says "Limited Lifetime Warranty."

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Alternators are fairly simple machines, I would troubleshoot it first. At least see if you have any brushes left and replace just those if not.
Originally Posted by darcane View Post
Before throwing money at it, are you sure it's the alternator?
Specifically, it is the voltage regulator, which is part #12 in this diagram:

At least, according to AutoZone.

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Also make sure you have good grounds everywhere.
There was a recent thread on this topic. I have not gone through, removed my grounds, sanded the contacts, and put them back, but they look good to me.

Mom keeps saying that I need to fix the electrical system before I have the AC fixed. Then there are things like needing to figure out why I cannot charge my cell phone. It might just be a fuse, but this might be blowing the fuse.
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