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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
There is so much wrong w ur post....
But let's start with $10......please post the link to detail the actual true cost of oil and filter and tax to equal $10.
You are fond of using the words "wrong" and "fail". But let's stick to the topic.

I don't buy oil on the web. I buy it by the case when it is on sale at local stores, with a rebate offer. Typically after rebate it averages about $2 per quart. As others have mentioned I stocked up on filters when they were on sale, so I have plenty of them on hand. I keep my cars for many years and stockpiling oil and filters is economically advantageous for me.

No matter what you spend on your oil change, ordering the report will add $35 to the actual cost. Some of us think it's worth it, and some of us think it's not.
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