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Streamlining Pioneers:The Golden Age

Here are some images,in chronological order,from Paul Jaray's original 1922 road vehicle aerodynamic studies at the airship division of the Zeppelin factory,through the Schl'o'rwagen of 1938.
I'll get the images up,then come back an identify each.

The above table contains:
*Paul Jaray's 'pumpkin seed' of 1922,Cd 0-15-0.13
*Wolfgang Klemperer's 'pumpkin seed' of Cd 0.15
*The Henninger PATENT illustration of 1923
*A.Persu's aerodynamic car of 1924
*A.Persu's PATENT illustration of 1927

The above table contains:
*Walter Lay's wind tunnel model with ideal windshield,1933,Cd 0.12
*Walter Lay's model with optimized windshield,1933,Cd 0.12
*R.H.Heald's wind tunnel 'ideal' shape,1933,Cd 0.20
*Harry Miller's streamline car technical drawing,1933
*Raymond Loewy's streamlined car concept,1933

The above table contains:
*Norman Bell Geddes model (Deutsche Museum,Munich),1933
*Dr.Erwin Komenda concept,1933
*R.Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car,1934
*Gaz-A-Aero,Alexei Nikitin,1934,Cd 0.207
*Chrysler De Soto Airflow aerodynamic test mule,1934,Cd 0.244

The above table contains:
*Koenig-Fachsenfeld's half-body,circa 1935
*Koenig-Fachsenfeld's half-body -derived K-form car
*FKFS (Kamm-Koenig) multi-geometry,K-form test model,1935,Cd 0.21
*Streamline car model,Elliot G.Reid,Stanford University,1935-36,Cd 0.15
*Schl'o'rwagen,1938,Cd 0.186

Photobucket album:

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