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On the flat, that's about what the mileage meter says. So it's probably something more along the lines of a real-world 70-75, the meter is pretty optimistic.

God knows if I don't have to hold a higher speed, that modest pace is where most of my cars feel happiest, just loafing along with my foot barely grazing the accelerator pedal. There's a long, straight valley here where I can cover about five miles - it's the longest nearly-flat road I know of around here - where I can drive up the car's moving average mpg almost without trying, the speed limit is 45mph on the entire length of road and it's straight enough that anyone wanting to go faster will have plenty of opportunity to swing around me, so I don't feel pressured to appease the faster masses.

Unfortunately I don't live on that road and it's nowhere near any of my usual trips, so it's only for Sunday afternoons.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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