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For how long do you need to drive your car before it is warm? It is over a hundred degrees for most of the day;
In my opinion, 25 miles minimum even at those temps. The longer the better.

Short fills are usually very inaccurate.

You could try these.

A-B-A testing

Do you have a Scangauge or Ultragauge...???

If so, no problem. Find a relatively flat road with little traffic as possible. Set the cruise control or use your foot to control a constant speed. 50 mph should be good. Find a landmark such as a tree, light pole or sign on each end of the test road. As you pass the beginning landmark, reset the gauge by holding or pushing the buttons. Note and record the displayed average when passing the landmark at the other end. Do this both ways several times with the mod installed and off. Compare results.

Or you could try A-B-A this way.

Measure the drag coefficient of your car

Or just find a fairly steep hill and do some roll down tests. Use a beginning landmark and from a dead stop, record the distances the car rolls till it stops.

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