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Originally Posted by BrandonMods View Post
I just came across this posting. I wonder where you could buy aftermarket rims that would; A) Work with these tires, and B) work with your vehicle. If anyone could answer this I would appreciate it because the only high load bearing rim I can think of right off hand would be trailer rims.

First, the tires described in Bridgestone news release are not available in the open market. They do have prototypes available for vehicle manufacturers to try to see if they can be made compatible with current suspensions. They would need to work out any problems they encounter BEFORE the first tire is available to the general public.

Second, those tires would more or less work with existing rims, provided the dimensioning is correct. The tires described in the Bridgestone news release require a narrower, but larger diameter wheel and those would be provided when you purchased the vehicle (once they become available). Retrofitting to older vehicles might be added at a later date, but that remains to be seen.

So don't be looking for these yet - and when they are available, consult with places like Tire Rack or Discount Tire for fitment advice.


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