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Body work begins!!!
I have the passenger side door all pulled out with the first stage of body filler applied. This door should of been replaced, it took me about 3 hrs on the caved in lower dent alone.

Today I should have all the passenger side body worked done plus the hood.

The hood had three paint jobs on it. Most of it was poor chip repair from the previous owners.
This pic is the hood with all the edges taped so chemical stripper doesn't get around to the under side and make more work.

First application of stripper.

First staged scrapped all the lifted paint off and wiped dry.

Second staged of paint stripper

Second staged all scrapped and dried. Were finally there. Most of the metal is exposed.

This pic the small amount of paint that didn't come off with the stripper gets sanded with 80 grit using a 8" buffer soft Velcro pad.

The hood should be around a pound less now.
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