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Buffed out acceptably. Undecided as to whether or not to sand it down and try again. I think had I applied it thinner, even semi-gloss would have been fine for this application.

After having put a few miles on, I'm impressed with how well the computers and shift indicators do at keeping the engine in optimum load. My bluetooth OBD scanner reports that I'm almost always driving with 70-85% load between 1500 and 2500RPM, which is right in the BSFC sweet-spot for this engine. 5th gear cruises comfortably at 2000-2500RPM on the highway, depending on speed (55-70). Going up and down hills, the computer applies either assist or a light charging load to keep the engine above ~65%. Assist comes on to help acceleration before the throttle plate up opens all the way (so far as I can tell). If the load gets too light or the battery is close to full, lean burn comes on and it jumps back up.

I have to wonder, had the Del Sol been geared this way, how well could I have done? It feels like this little 3 cylinder is geared like a V8.

EDIT: I'm coming to enjoy the gobs of torque the electric assist adds down low, this seems like a much better option than a turbo. Even at 1000RPM, I can accelerate fine. 0-60 is in the range of 10.5 seconds even with this gearing.

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