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I would use just enough to coat the gasket, using my fingers to spread it out in a very thin layer, just enough to make it wet all over the gasket.

Make sure the bolt holes are not protruding too much from the flat portion of the gasket surface on the oil pan (if sheet metal). I like to tap them down until they are level, not anything hard just enough to get them flush with a few taps.

Make sure you do not overtighten the bolts. When you see the gasket start to spread out where the bolt is located then it's time to stop tightening it. The torque specs are very low for pan gasket bolts, but the gasket starting to spread out is the best way to tell if it is tight enough. A dab of sealer on the bolt threads is a good idea.

You can actually tighten them enough with a nut driver instead of a ratchet.

Clean both surfaces meticulously both block and pan. A razor blade and scotchbrite work well. A little clean up with gas or thinner to make sure there is no oil residue.

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