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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
But as far as being honest about what works goes, the federal gas tax was how Washington funded all their highway spending, and I think that's a great idea: the spending is funded by a relevant tax. Back in 08 it fell short and Washington had to borrow money to keep it going. It's kept falling short and we keep borrowing money to keep it funded. We either need to spend less on maintaining our infrastructure, keep adding to the deficit to fund ongoing multiyear projects or adjust the tax that is dedicated to paying for those projects.

I think we should admit that we've had 21 years of inflation since the tax was set and adjust it. I'm trying not to oppress anyone with big government views or anything.
What are you trying to pull? Bring the thread back on topic? Sheesh!

I am for use-based taxation and would support increasing the gas tax...

if it were used to make improvements directly related to transportation that used that fuel.
Increasing the gas tax to pay for schools? Nope.
Increasing the gas tax to pay for defense? Nope.
Increasing the gas tax to pay for rail? Nope.
Roads, bridges, and to a lesser degree ferries, and buses. Yes.

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