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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
I wouldn't, you should not need to, but if it makes you feel better then just a finger spreading it around, just enough to make it look wet. It would be different if you did not use a gasket, but then the oil pan would be different and have a channel to put the rtv in and you would just lay a bead and slap it on. Use the stickines of the rtv to stick the gasket to the block, using a bolt to line up the holes. Put every bolt in the pan before you tighten any of them and start in the middle, easy does it.

As of yesterday, I installed the oil pan per your suggestions, and let the RTV cure overnight. Today I've added oil and so far, I haven't noticed any leaks. For the moment, I've decide to use regular motor oil, so as not to incur any more costs, in case it does leak.

As for the Amsoil which had less than 1,000 miles of use, I had initially filtered 3 quarts through two coffee filters, while noting that there were wasn't any sediment at the bottom of the old oil pan or in the coffee filters.

Still I've decided to play it safe, whereas I will be buying four more quarts of Amsoil by the end of the summer. I'm happy to say that it won't be a complete loss, given that my CX needs an oil change, whereas it's my beater car, and I'm not too concerned what goes into that reck.

Thanks again for all your help.
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