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You know Gaud, one of the problems is, most of the things you're talking about here are things we KNOW don't work (for improving mpg). K&N Filters might be awesome filters, but that's not something that improves gas mileage - people here and elsewhere have tried and tried, and it doesn't help (it doesn't hurt, either). Same thing with platinum plugs. Yeah, they last longer and they come on new cars now, but don't contribute to better gas mileage. Same thing with all types of vaporizer thingys.

Then with your short distances and small fill amounts, that is just begging for inaccuracies (I'm a retired land surveyor, and I know a couple of things about achieving good accuracies in measurements).

Telling us you know it works and have proven it to yourself is all fine & dandy, but at the risk of being insulting, which is not my intent, maybe you're mistaken. ??? I think that's why everyone is asking you for more details. Frankly, you haven't said anything yet that we don't see the potential for gaping holes in.

With this long distance trip you're getting ready to go on, please, go much longer distances between fills, record every fill, and then see what the average is. That should be a much more accurate "read" on how good your car is.

- - - and what's this final "gadget"? Why not tell us? Don't you know that if it was true, and we saw that it was, you'd become our hero? Seriously. What's wrong with that?


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