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Originally Posted by YeahPete View Post
Why is an ancient forest in Antarctica?
Ever hear of plate tectonics? (AKA continental drift.) Short answer is that Antartica wasn't always at the south pole. Indeed, it was once close to the equator, while back in the Cretaceous period, Australia (then part of Gondwana) was at the pole.

What caused the climate to be so tropical in the past?
Lots of things, including the fact that there was a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere, which eventually became coal and oil deposits..

]What caused the Ice Ages?
Milankovitch cycles: Milankovitch cycles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Honestly, haven't we been through all this before? Could we move all these supposed questions (which have been debunked over and over and over) into the Unicorn Corral, where the true believers can discuss them while they fiddle around trying to get their HHO generators to work.