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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I have every confidence that Tesla (and maybe Nissan, and Kia, and VW, and Mitsubishi, and BMW, and Mercedes - and possibly even GM!) can build a ground up EV that takes full advantage of good engineering - that they can sell us a 200+ mile EV for the $30-40K that seems to be the sweet spot. And we should be able to get 125-160 mile EV's for less, as well.
I don't think Tesla is interested in making a hyper efficient electric car. It seems their game plan is to have a conventional box car, and just try to drop the cost of batteries so much that stuffing a 60kwh+ pack becomes affordable.

A Nissan leaf pack in an EV1 would have a 145 mile range, compared to the 84mile range for the latest Leafs. You would think that alone woould get the Automakers to understand the "big picture." More range from a smaller less costly battery would sell better!
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